Our Preferred Vendors

Exceptional businesses we know, trust, and love to partner with

Together, we work as one for you, so you can work on building your business.

Payrunner Payroll can offer these additional services, from the trusted sources here and in our Preferred Vendors list, because of the relationships we’ve worked hard to build to benefit you, our client.

We have these trusted partners because we don’t try to specialize in every aspect of payroll as the large payroll companies do, because this comes at the expense of Customer Service to their clients.

They attempt it, but it’s always the business owner that gets the short end of it with bad Customer Service. They just can’t specialize in everything and we realize this which again, is why we’ve cultivated relationships with our Preferred Vendors.

Payrunner Payroll specializes in small-business payroll as well as specializing in knowing what our client’s needs are. Ask any of our clients and they’ll tell you this same thing. Contact us for referrals or go to our Yelp page to see our client’s “Recommended Reviews.”


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